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Tillage Items

  • Fertilizer Knives
  • Disc Bearing Hangers
  • Chisel Shanks
  • Coulter Bars
  • Cultivator Shanks
  • Ripper Shanks
  • Digger Teeth
  • Fork Tines
  • Offset Shanks
  • Parabolic Shanks
  • Rake Tines
  • Reversible Points
  • S Tines
  • Scarifier Shanks
  • Vibra Tine Shanks
  • Disc Scraper Brackets & Disc End Washers
Shanks, S-tines, bearing hangers Shanks, S-tines, bearing hangers
For cultivating needs

PrimeTineTM PrimeTineTMis a revolutionary two-piece tine guaranteeing huge benefits for your customer. How is it better? The shank slides through a notched opening and is bolted securely to the flex bracket

Disc Bearing Arms Disc Bearing Arms, Straight and Offset
Danish Tine S-Tine

End Washers End Washers
This washer provides a spring preload on the axle bolt, spreading the load form the axle nut to the disc and keeping constant pressure on the discs in the gang assembly.

Chisel Shank Chisel Shank
Standard and Edge Formed
Edge Formed Chisel Shank Edge Formed Chisel Shank
Deep Ripper and Parabolic
Scarifier Shanks Ripper & Scarifier Shanks
Landscape applications.

Disc Scraper Bracket Disc Scraper Bracket

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